Many people confuse PR with publishing articles in the media:
"A lot of articles in the media is good PR.
Few articles in the media – bad PR".

In fact, PR is not about publications in the media. PR is about reducing the difference between image and reputation.

What is the difference between image and reputation?

Image is how we see ourselves, our own target image.

And reputation is how others see us. A low level of consumer trust (or “imposter syndrome”, if we are talking about a personal brand) indicates a large gap between image and reputation. And it is this gap that can be filled with the help of PR. That is, make sure that your audience perceives you as you perceive yourself.

the desired target image identification
understanding of business communication goals
understanding the target audience insights and their inner expectations
formulating and communicating key meanings and brand messages


That is why good PR begins not with newspaper publications, but with the development of a target image or Brand Legend:

Only after developing the Brand Legend can you proceed to planning publications.


Many PR campaigns do not achieve their goals because the communication channels were chosen incorrectly.

Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Economist, YouTube shows – are all communication channels. But when choosing them, one should be guided not by the name of the media, but by an understanding of the audience that “consumes” the corresponding media.

By choosing media, we actually choose its audience. And this choice must be conscious


Your Reputation is one of the most valuable and inalienable assets.

Therefore, reputation management requires careful approach from professionals

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