Our clients – both young startups and established companies. What makes them similar is that all of them came up with great ideas and products. And our mission is to convert those ideas and products into the inspiring brands. We do this through StoryThinking approach©


What is the difference between "a company" and "a brand"? A "company" produces goods and services. And the "brand" produces emotions and meanings. Emotions and meanings are more valuable. Because emotions and senses help to establish a strong trusting connection between you and your audience (customers/ partners/ investors).



Brand Platform development, including:

  • Positioning
  • Brand values
  • Audience insights
  • Strategic brand message
  • Brand communication strategy, including
  • PR and Digital, Brand Character and
  • Tone of Voice in SMM

You have come up with a cool product or service. But now it is necessary to unite you, your audience and your product into a single story. Because it is stories that help us to experience emotions and understand meanings.

A strategy is a framed idea of your story, containing an answer to key questions: Who am I? Who am I for? What am I for? What is my goal and how will I go to it? The strategy will also determine the genre of your story.


Сorporate style development:

  • Logo/Corporate colors/Business
  • Cards/Merch ideas

Special Offers for Startups:

  • Development Icon design for AppStore, Google Market
  • Design layouts for Mobile Apps
  • Key visuals for Investors
  • and more

The characters are distinguished by a unique appearance and character. Charlie Chaplin's Walking Stick and Bowler Hat, Hercule Poirot's moustache, Sherlock Holmes' pipe. Design helps create unique and recognizable attributes of your image. And the main thing is to convey the inner essence of the hero.


  • Development of the brand slogan
  • Development of the advertising campaign slogan
  • Development of advertising materials of the advertising campaign (3-5 key visuals)
  • Development of posters / announcements / banners

The book story is divided into chapters. The serial is on the series. Each advertising campaign, corporate event is a chapter in the whole history of the brand. And each chapter has its own unique look, which, at the same time, corresponds to the general spirit of the story and is part of a large plot. The developed creatives help to maintain communication with your audiences every day and move the story forward.

OUR Approach

We consider the brand development as the creation of the TV-series' character. Few people realize that before the character appeared on the first page, the TV-series' creators define what kind of character it will be: who he loves, what he hates, what he strives for and what he lives for.

The viewer is looking for answers to these questions when starting to watch the film. He wants to understand whether the character is worthy of empathizing with him and rooting for him. The viewer is looking for a center of Goodness in the film. And the task of creating a brand is to show that we are not doing our business in order to earn as much money out of your pocket as possible. But because in this way we strive to improve the world. In this sense, the "company" is perceived by the audience as a profit center. And the "brand" is like a center of Goodness. And we are ready to buy from those who are for the Good. After all, in this case, our purchase is a contribution to a good thing.

Yaroslav Kataev, CCO

The information space today is one never–ending TV-series. And brands – whether they want it or not – are the TV-series characters. Characters might be secondary, uninteresting, boring. And there are main and favorite characters. For whom you want to follow and who you want to support. By creating brands, we want them to become the main characters for their customers.


7 We develop key visuals for creative materials.
6 We develop the concept of corporate style and creative materials.
5 We convert the brand's strategic message into a creative form (slogan).
4 We develop the strategic Brand’s message, built on the basis of Provided and Perceived Values.
3 We identify areas of intersection of Values/form a common Value field/define the Values Provided by the Company and those which are of real matter for the Audience).
2 We define the values ​​of the Audience (what really matters to them, Perceived Value).
1 We define the Values Provided (the value of a product as your company sees it).

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